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We help a variety of industries

Presidio delivers deep industry expertise to each and every client. It’s an innovative mix of intellectual and technological strength enhanced by a fresh perspective that prepares Presidio for your needs, challenges and expectations.

Automotive Specialty

Protect your business and operations in the event of an accident or theft related to your commercial autos. Our team at Presidio specializes in meeting your insurance needs by using our expertise and being your advocate to find the best coverage for you.

Building Material Dealers

Just like your business, the risk landscape is ever evolving. We evaluate each client’s business independently to develop the most appropriate insurance for the specific needs of each organization. We work closely with clients to mitigate risk, control insurance expenses and promote workplace safety. No matter the size of business, or equipment and technology, we are here to help keep your operation run smoothly. Presidio commits to meet the needs of your organization today and as you grow in the future.


The construction industry is extremely competitive and it is imperative that our clients focus on their business. Our Agency Partners closely monitor industry trends to help build and provide innovative insurance solutions for construction businesses.


Presidio has the ability to help protect against the threats and claims that could potentially put your business in danger. We are here to protecting your investment in education, by offering a broad range of insurance coverage. Our diverse network and education allows us to provide the best solutions to match your coverage needs.

Equipment Rental

Presidios expertise allows us to provide you with the exact coverage you need, which in turn allows you to focus on your business operations. Our knowledge and technological strength will bring you a side spectrum of insurance coverage that will give you the best coverage for what you need.

Food and Beverage

When you are in the food and beverage industry, protection for your business is an important ingredient. Our experience and expertise will deliver the best insurance coverage for your industry. In addition, our commitment to developing a deep knowledge of your industry, business goals, and associated risks, Presidio can plan options for every part of your business by identifying the most beneficial plan for your needs.


We help protect businesses, their employees and their management. Presidio offers insurance and risk management solutions to meet the unique needs of those in the health care industry.


Owning and operating hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and venues requires juggling a host of staff, vendors, patrons, and regulations. Presidio works to ease the burden by providing customized coverage designed specifically for the hospitality industry and your business. From errors and omissions policies shielding you from claims against your employees to liability claims made as a result of a guest’s slip and fall accident, our risk advisors study the ins and outs of your business to identify areas of concern, implement practices to limit exposure, and write policies to cover in the case of a claim

Industrial Supply

The industry is extremely competitive and it is imperative that our clients focus on their business. Presidio closely monitors industry trends to help build and provide innovative insurance solutions. With our manufacturing and industry expertise, it allows us to provide you with the exact coverage you need, which in turn allows you to focus on your business operation.


Presidio provides manufacturing insurance to a wide range of companies – from plastics and consumables to heavy equipment and structural steel and beyond. The one thing all these companies have in common is their need to protect their employees, products, and ability to conduct business. We work with single location and worldwide companies to write policies for errors and omissions, selling price, and product recalls. Let us worry about the what ifs so you can focus on growing your business.


At Presidio, we are committed to delivering the promise of protection for what matters most to you. Through an innovative mix of intellectual and technological strength, we deliver deep expertise across a wide spectrum of industries and the businesses that drive their growth. We help tailor your insurance needs to fit you. We understand your insurance needs and their unique operations. We are here to give you a peace of mind, so you can focus on what is important to you.

Pest Control

To help protect your business our policies are written by implementing our knowledge and expertise. We understand the importance of operating your business safely and risk free. It is important to us to give you the peace of mind to run your business successfully and confidentially.

Public Sector

Presidio believes that with so many complex issues to manage, it is important to concentrate on providing insurance, risk management and employee benefits for public entities and institutions. We are trusted to countless clients, locally, nationally, and globally. At Presidio, we are a dedicated team of insurance professionals that collaborate daily on dynamic solutions to provide limitless service, strength, and value for our clients.

Real Estate

From apartment buildings and condo association insurance to services for real estate professionals themselves, we know real estate insurance. You have invested me and money into developing your real estate business and holdings, trust Presidio to manage the associated risks and liabilities. We can write policies to cover a range of needs, from workers’ compensation and liability to acts of nature, and more.

Retail Hardware
(including Lumberyards, Garden Centers and Party Rentals)

Owning and operating an independent hardware store or builders’ supply business in today’s regulatory environment can be challenging. From OSHA compliance to human capital management, those in the world of hardware retail are forced to navigate a myriad of unique and increasingly complex risks on a daily basis. Presidio protects your unique retail hardware business assets by providing personalized programs tailored to independent hardware stores, lumber yards and home centers.

International Benefits

We are a premier Globex International Group Partner. With our expanded network of more than 300 agents and brokers across 130 countries, we have the capability and expertise to support our clients no matter where their operations and employee population resides.

presidio group insurance

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