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Presidioは、無限の成長とリソースを備えた保険の新時代を迎えました。 私たちのローカル
続き実行するという約束です。 私たちは一貫して最高のサービスを提供し、個々のニーズに合


初歩の段階から、Presidioの基盤はPromise of Protectionのもとに築かれました。シカゴ地域における保険とリスク・マネージメントのエキスパートの四社がさらなるサービス、サポート、より細かなリソースを目指して今日の盟約を新たにしました。2世紀にわたり培われた経験を背景に刷新されたリーダーシップを携えて、Presidioはクライアントのニーズをプロテクトするべく有効なストラテジーを携えてえお待ちしています。



presidio group insurance
presidio group insurance

The team you can count on

We use a client-focused process designed to understand the operating environment, quantify risk exposure, confirm expectations along with financial objectives, and communicate a formalized strategy to risk transfer partners.

Our service model is designed to provide a comprehensive, proactive approach to support the business objectives of your organization. We are committed to protecting our clients and providing peace of mind. From scheduled appointments to check on your goals and manage risks to unexpected claims and concerns, we strive to be your trusted partner in all interactions.

Our Values

At Presidio, our shared core values instilled over two centuries of insurance excellence inspires our commitment to the promise of protection.

We put the client first

Each of our founders believed in the simple philosophy of putting the client first. Today, Presidio’s fresh leadership combines a clear vision and talented team of specialists to expand services and identify new ways to increase value to each of our clients.

We value relationships

Insurance is, and always will be, a relationship-based business. At Presidio, every relationship we build continues our education on the individual needs, challenges and expectations of our valued clients.

We provide superior service

Passionate entrepreneurial spirit paved our path for providing reliable service. By starting each of their companies with a conviction to provide the best service and products, our founders became trusted business partners to countless clients locally, nationally and globally. At Presidio, we’re dedicated to perpetuating their enthusiasm for enhancing the client experience.

We grow through teamwork

Our dynamic team of insurance professionals collaborate daily to ensure the best customer-centric solutions. Presidio’s team is positioned to provide limitless service, strength and value for today and tomorrow.

presidio group insurance

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