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From the very beginning, Presidio’s foundation was built on the promise of protection. The alliance of Chicagoland’s four most dynamic entrepreneurs committed to providing expert insurance and risk management services is today’s renewed source of service, support and personalized resources. With fresh leadership energized by over two centuries of experience, Presidio is positioned for a future fueled by efficient strategies focused on protecting our clients’ needs.

As an Acrisure Agency Partner—one of the top 10 largest insurance brokers in the world—Presidio is empowered by an innovative national and global network of industry specialists dedicated to serving the client in meaningful ways. By providing access to hands-on, best-in-class service, specialized products and exclusive proprietary solutions, we’re perpetuating our founders’ pledge to protect what’s most important.

Our vision is based on shared values committed to enhancing the client experience: put the client first, value relationships, provide superior service and grow through teamwork.

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Our Story: Building a Foundation of Protection

Wine Sergi & Company, LLC

R. H. Wine & Co. is founded in Oak Park in 1924. As a family owned and run insurance leader, Jeff Wine builds the company’s success throughout the 1990s. In 1997, Jeff Wine sells the business to Dan Sergi to form Wine Sergi Insurance. Dan builds Wine Sergi into a premier middle-market brokerage that focuses on client resources and technology. As a result, Insurance Journal names Wine Sergi a “Best Agency to Work For” in 2010. Four years later in August 2014, Wine Sergi forms a partnership with Acrisure; in 2017, Wine Sergi principal Dan Sergi retires.

All-Security Insurance Agency, Inc.

In 1981, Paul Verisario puts his 15 years of insurance experience to the test and starts All-Security Insurance in Park Ridge. Writing the company’s first policies for his own home and vehicle, Paul builds All-Security into an industry leader from hard work, honesty and trust from his customers throughout a 38-year period. In August 2014, All-Security partners with Acrisure; at this time, Acrisure is one of the top 10 insurance brokerages in the U.S. By becoming an Acrisure Agency Partner, All-Security gains access to a national network of expertise to help its clients overcome their largest and most complex risk and insurance challenges. Three years later in 2017, Paul Verisario retires as principal of All-Security.

Stewart-Keator-Kessberger & Lederer, Inc. (SKKL)

Stewart-Keator-Kessberger & Lederer (SKKL) is founded on March 1, 1920. With the prime objective to provide a high-standard of excellence in comprehensive insurance service, protection and counseling, SKKL’s focus on family-oriented service leads to its ongoing, continued success throughout the following 95 years. In 1985, Edward Bowman takes over the reins as president of Stewart Keator from his father Ed Bowman, Sr. Thirty years later, SKKL forms a partnership with Acrisure, LLC in November 2015. Two years later, Edward Bowman retires from his role as SKKL president.

Integrated Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc. (IIBS)

In 1992, Louis Garbis begins the future of Integrated Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc. (IIBS) in North Aurora. Lou’s foresight that large brokers were too structured to effectively provide brokerage services for their category of clients builds the foundation of IIBS. In his role as president, Lou—along with his associates, underwriters and risk managers—create numerous innovative programs and structures with the goal of benefiting their clients. Lou’s philosophy to always put the client’s interest first, insurers second and lastly themselves is ingrained in his team to set the stage for what’s to come. In 2015, IIBS partners with Acrisure; three years later Lou Garbis retires as principal of IIBS.


Presidio begins a new era of insurance. As an Acrisure Agency Partner, we are strengthened by limitless growth and resources from one of the top 10 largest insurance brokers in the world. Presidio is committed to the promise of protection for its clients locally, nationally and globally.

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