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Presidio. Protecting the Promise.

At Presidio, we recognize people are your company’s most valuable asset. To protect what is most important to them while keeping your bottom line balanced, we offer an unmatched approach to benefits and human resources consulting.

As an Acrisure Agency Partner, Presidio’s local presence is supported by a global reach. Our partnership, combined with Presidio’s promise of strategy, service and execution attracts, retains and engages top talent—while protecting your employees’ well-being for greater productivity, profitability and business growth.

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By combining advanced technology with our deep consulting expertise, Presidio provides a variety of specialized services to address the top challenges facing employers today:

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Our employee benefits solutions were designed to assist employers with solving their main challenges.Acrisure wheel

Our Professional, Personalized Services

We maintain an in-house ERISA staff and employment law attorneys to keep our clients abreast of the changing and often confusing compliance demands. This approach allows us to control results and provide highly customized solutions for our clients, ensuring they remain 100 percent compliant, 100 percent of the time.
Our team has extensive experience evaluating complex and sophisticated benefit arrangements alongside traditional funding arrangements. Moreover, we thrive on advising our clients on “outside of the box” strategies to rein in escalating healthcare costs. Many of our clients are placed in self-funding and captive arrangements, as well as other non-traditional and innovative cost containment solutions. These solutions include transparent open provider networks, direct contracting, evidence-based medical management, specialty drug carve-outs, and progressive voluntary benefit programs.
HR Technology & Services
A strong human resources (HR) technology platform is the administrative foundation of any successful benefits program. We recognize that every employer has unique needs, and that a one-size-fits-all system is not sufficient. Our HR technology solutions are intended to strategically support our clients’ technology demands, regardless of the unique situation. Whether we are providing an entirely new system, renegotiating contracts to achieve cost savings, or simply providing technology expertise and support, our focus is ensuring employers have the very best system at a below market price.
Employee Communication
Our client partners have access to multi-channel communication strategies and resources to reach their employees when and where it matters. In addition to custom benefits guides, on-site education, and rich media platforms to assist in open enrollment, our team engages employees on a year-round basis by leveraging a spectrum of mediums ranging from traditional ink and paper, to the latest in mobile technology and web-based platforms.
Health Population Management Wellness
Wellness and risk management cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. The very best programs are the perfect balance of data analysis and program design. From coordinating biometric screenings to staffing on-site wellness clinics, we take the time to understand our clients’ unique circumstances and develop a health population management strategy that generates real, measurable results.
Pharmacy Management
Prescription spend is one of the single biggest drivers of skyrocketing healthcare costs, and the lack of transparency makes it difficult for employers to negotiate contracts and contain costs. Using some of the industry’s greatest prescription expertise and analytics platforms, we have the unique ability to assist employers with controlling healthcare spend, often saving as much as 25 percent on Rx claims.
Underwriting & Analytics
The biggest problem with healthcare is a complete lack of transparency. Using powerful data analytics systems and financial management expertise, our teams can precisely determine what is driving employer healthcare spend and, more important, what to do about it. With our approach, we create total transparency, predictability and control for our employers and their benefits programs.
Local Account Management Wellness
After aligning strategic priorities, our focus immediately shifts to execution. Our high-touch service model empowers our local team to work with yours through what is often a position of changing priorities, tightening timelines, and unforeseen circumstances that require urgent and in-depth resolution skills. It is our expectation to offer our custom services and expertise in a manner that does not add workflow, process management, or follow-up responsibilities to your staff.
Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)
While the traditional broker approach is to pull employers away from professional employer organizations (PEOs) or keep them from entering these arrangements, sometimes a PEO is the best fit. For that reason, we have built a dedicated practice group dedicated exclusively to aligning our clients with the right PEO when the fit is appropriate.  With more than a dozen preferred PEO relationships, we can help clients find the best solution to meet their needs.
International Benefits
We are a premier Globex International Group Partner. With our expanded network of more than 300 agents and brokers across 130 countries, we have the capability and expertise to support our clients no matter where their operations and employee population resides.


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