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International Insurance

To proactively manage the increasingly complex challenges and changing risks of the global economic landscape, Presidio offers international coverage tailored for your needs. Comprehensive insurance programs and customized international options, complemented by our extensive experience and strong relationships with leading global insurers and broker partners, provide Presidio’s unique promise of protection.

Our Premier Global Solution

Presidio International Brokerage Network (PIBN)

The Presidio International Brokerage Network (PIBN) originates from the long-established Integrated International Brokerage Network (IIBN). Built on incorporating leading global risk management brokers and consultants, PIBN offers the resources and experience needed for success in every area of the globe. With over 79 global partners, we have the ability to expand services for your needs on an international stage strengthened by a local presence.

Our Presidio International Brokerage Network:

  • Includes a partnership of local brokers who understand the operation of global programs, and the importance of effective communication and services
  • Shares a primary philosophy of how a client deserves and needs to be serviced, while understanding the administration of local service must meet a client’s approval
  • Evaluates, consults and services international operations in the following global regions:
    • North and South America
    • Europe
    • Asia/Pacific
    • Africa
  • Finds solutions for requirements outside network areas through the flexibility of locating leading brokerages in those markets to provide the local representation required
  • Operates from key locations throughout the world to service your global insurance and risk management needs
presidio group insurance

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