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Medical Travel Insurance

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Traveling abroad can be an extraordinary experience. However, if you become ill or injured, that experience can quickly become frightening and even life threatening.

This is because domestic medical insurance is not intended to cover international travel. That is true for personal or business travel. Even if coverage is afforded, it is limited in scope and nowhere near the benefits and support you will receive through a robust international medical travel insurance policy from a qualified expert provider of such coverage and at a very affordable costs.

Without the proper medical coverage, you could be stranded thousands of miles away from home with no one to treat your condition, treated in a hospital with inadequate supplies or misdiagnosed by an unqualified staff; left facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and more… this scenario has proven true time and time again whether traveling with the family on vacation, on company business or both.

It is not about whether you should consider purchasing it before you take an international trip. It is about what type of plan and administrator you should consider to properly cover yourself, family or protect your company’s assets.

Because domestic medical insurance is not intended to extend internationally, organizations most likely will endeavor to handle payment of the international claim directly (assuming the local provider will agree provide services and then get reimbursed by the employer). Assuming there is time to call the employer for assistance, generally there will be little or no professional guidance as to where to go to obtain quality treatment. The concierge 24/7 services will most likely not be available to help you in locating the local affiliated medical providers to receive the quality medical treatment you expect and to advise the medical provider that they are responsible for all medical costs subject to a small deductible.

Even if the domestic insurer is able to extend coverage and that is not the norm, at best, coverage will be provided on an “out of network” basis, thus increasing measurably the insurance cost of the claim when it could be insured most effectively for the traveler and at a minisquel amount of the cost.

Presidio is partnering with two premier providers of international travel medical insurance-AXA Assistance and International Medical Group (IMG). Both are leaders in this field. Both provide superior services and superior programs. They do have differences. Both websites should be visited to ascertain what program fits best for you.

Both AXA and IMG have:

We urge you to connect below the program of choice. If you have any questions before or after, please contact us and we can assist in you tailoring a policy that best meets your needs. In regards to corporate sponsored programs, we urge you to call us. We can discuss your preferences and discuss a tailored program to meet your corporate objectives and protect your employees and families traveling abroad-business, personal or both.

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